Results for week 5-Daytona Nationwide

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Results for week 5-Daytona Nationwide Empty Results for week 5-Daytona Nationwide

Post  Jason Yott on Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:15 am

This one was a wreckfest and ended with one car crossing the finish line alone. Let's hope we can all be a little more patient in the future races and have a few more cars together at the end. Congrats to Monty Noyes and Jack Honeycutt for winning the two qualifier races.

Finishing order

1. Jason Yott
2. Helge Gravemeyer
3. Jason Wright
4. Jack Honeycutt
5. Monty Noyes
6. Sean White
7. David Harris
8. Brandon Yuhouse
9. John O.B. Obremski
10. Anthony Gaudio
11. Josh Hall
12. Joseph Wright
13. Adrian Duncan
14. David Fish

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