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Conduct "_" and New Password Empty Conduct "_" and New Password

Post  Jason L. Wright on Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:18 am

When i 1st started 'The Draft-Happy Squad' my motives were not to run a Sprint CUP styled League, rather to run regular races with a group of both close competitors and friends. However, the idea of a Points Series tipped my curiosity to the point of no return! With a TON of help from fellow DHS members, such as 'Jason Yott' and others, we have gotten the ball rolling and havnt looked back since. Along the way however, I lost sight of my original motives and i am happy to announce.. They're Back. Evil or Very Mad

The following are attitude/racing styles that will no longer be tolerated;

OVERLY AGGRESSIVE DRIVING- Do you find yourself CONSTANTLY plotting your strategic LAST LAP move.. from lap 2 on..? Well good for you, we all do. Though, the problem arises when you are actually DRIVING like its the LAST LAP the entire race. And that will no longer be tolerated. Being aggressive is part of the race. But when your aggressive driving causes a consistent pattern of WRECKS, its time to take some deep breaths and bite your time. Otherwise, you will be on the outside looking in on our hosted sessions from now on.

YOUR ATTITUDE: Some of you feel that its 'ok' to express your anger however you feel, after all.. freedom of speech right? Sure, unless the utterance of your mouth is causing the good hearted people of Draft Happy to become offended and thereby leave this league we have worked so hard to build. IF you couldnt care less, then you are who i am talking to, dont let the door hit you on your way out. That being said, Those of you who CHOOSE to remain members of this Squad you are to set an example OUTSIDE of our Passworded Hostings. Anything Careless/Overly Aggressive/Egotistical/Impatient/Saying Belligerently Hurtful things.. and so on, outside of our Private hostings PUTS A BAD NAME ON 'The Draft Happy Squad', so please, keep this in mind.
To sum things up:

If you are not willing to race each driver in this squad as if they are your close teammates, at least to the final few laps.. Dont click the little green arrow next to our hostings.

Now, time for the sticky subjects..

If you have at any point run in the Draft Happy Squad's Passworded races, then you are considered to be IN The Squad. That being said, there are no secrets among friends and i will thereby leave nothing out;

The names as follows are on the "Watch List" (These drivers are expected to clean up their act or at the very least show some humility toward their fellow D.H.Squad members.

Jason Wright- Reason: This driver has displayed OVERLY AGGRESSIVE Driving on more than 1 occasion. He is a perfect example of.. " But when your aggressive driving causes a consistent pattern of WRECKS, its time to take some deep breaths and bite your time."

Anthony Gaudio- Reason: This driver has NO patience. Unfortunately for him we do not run a series of 10 lap shootouts in our Points League.

Adrian Duncan- Reason: This driver also displays OVERLY AGGRESSIVE Driving Followed by a consistent pattern of carnage. The 'ME 1ST/EVERYONE ELSE LAST regardless of who i wreck..' attitude, which hardly attributes to teamwork.

Sean White- Reason: This driver has displayed a very VULGAR attitude toward his Fellow Squad Members. As well as OVERLY AGGRESSIVE Driving. If you are so far gone so as to think every time someone screws up and you are in tern effected, that its a personal joust at your Pride.. maybe its time to deflate the ego. There is NO ' i ' in Team, and if you refuse to accept that, refuse to put your fellow Squad Members before yourself, Then maybe this Squad isnt for you. (But that is NOT to say WE do not want you to run with us, the choice is yours)

(Again, i am JUST as responsible for my driving outside of Private hosting, it's something i have to work on as well)

Now, as for the password;

The Password HAS BEEN CHANGED and here is how to get it: Contact either: Jason Yott/Joseph Wright/Jason Wright(Admin) via PM. However, there is a catch. If you DO NOT AGREE with the terms of this conduct thread, do NOT request the password! Otherwise, Write into the 'Subject Field' of your PM: "Agreed" followed by your password request.

I'll be honest in saying, I personally do NOT care if we end up with 5 to 10 drivers in our Races, as long as they all agree with this thread and agree to do all they can to get along with one another, race each other clean, and have some fun.

ps. Once the majority of the Squad agrees an individual is ready to be taken off of the 'Watch List', there will be no hesitation in doing so Smile.

One last thing. Here i have been a jerk, and called out drivers of this Squad and left many names unspoken. If someone was left out and You feel it should be spoken of, please feel free to reply about it. Lets work out all these kinks and get this squad to where it has the potential to be. ALSO, As for the rest of you who have displayed A+ Driver feedback, please keep in mind, YOU TOO are responsible for bending a little. Do not expect perfection from everyone who you race with. Learn to adapt to individuals racing style rather than Knock them. If i have offended anyone, please, allow me to explain myself on a 1 on 1 level before you become too heated/irrational/from this point on hold a grudge at me.

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Conduct "_" and New Password Empty Re: Conduct "_" and New Password

Post  Jason L. Wright on Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:31 am

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