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Results for Chase week 4 Empty Results for Chase week 4

Post  Jason Yott on Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:14 pm

The first round of pit stops split the field up into two groups, but the second round of pit stops brought everyone back together. A little bit of rubbin' in the last laps left a three man race to the finish.

Bonus points awarded

Most laps lead(5 points)--Jason Yott
Lead a lap(5 points)--Jason Yott, Josh Hall, Dave Swindell, Helge Gravemeyer
Qualifier win(5 points)--Jason Yott--(Congrats to Randy Johnson for the win Friday night)

Finishing order

1. Jason Yott
2. Josh Hall
3. Dave Swindell
4. John O.B. Obremski
5. Helge Gravemeyer
6. David Harris
7. Thomas Jowers Jr.
8. Joseph Wright
9. Jeremy Davis

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