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Post  Jason L. Wright on Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:26 am

Speaking for the Draft Happy squad, we want to congratulate 'Jason Yott' for his Championship Win of the 1st ever Draft Happy Squad- Official Series!

It's been a rough road, however we also want to thank all those who stuck with us through the ups and downs. Hopefully this will not be the last Series Draft Happy conducts! We still have the All-Star Race to look forward to, so racing isnt ENTIRELY finished for our unique Squad. Keep an eye on the forums for more information soon to come concerning the All-Star Race.

Once again.. Congrats to Yott (And to Helge aswell for a CLOSE 2nd in the points!)

p.s If anyone has any suggestions for the All-Star Race, please feel free to let us know Smile.

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