Thursday March 18th (tonight)

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Thursday March 18th (tonight) Empty Thursday March 18th (tonight)

Post  Jason L. Wright on Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:46 pm

Racing tonight guys! Starting at 10pm est*. 1:30min practice followed by a 30lap shootout! NO CAUTIONS NO TOWS. What do you guys think about running 2 of these back to back? 2nd one having less practice time obviously. Maybe we can make Thursday nights a Gatorade Duel kinda theme? Friday AND/OR Saturday Nights we can run a full blow 100 lapper. I think it could be cool. Anyway, race will be up tonight, if you all think its a good idea, we can host back to back 30laps shoot outs.. maybe even make them 40 laps? actually.. now that my minds is turning.. How about Thursday nights we run 2 races maximum of 12 drivers per race. top 6 finishers in each race go on to race in a 70 lapper on either Friday or Saturday. Let me know what you think. Either way though, we got one tonight starting at 10.. il shut up now lol

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Thursday March 18th (tonight) Empty Re: Thursday March 18th (tonight)

Post  A. Hoffman on Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:21 pm

Sounds Good! I'll be there!

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