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Bi- Week please read Empty Bi- Week please read

Post  Jason L. Wright on Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:29 pm

Hello DHS (Draft Happy Squad), id like to inform you all of our Bi-Week this coming thursday/friday/saturday! As you all know, Talladega has reserved a large time slot including practices and the Big races coming up this week. We have decided to take this time to establish our Series opener by giving everyone a clear understanding of when/how this series will happen. So you can all be understood and READY to get your Draft on Next week!

So, lets keep it simple;

Starting the Series, we are ALL in the B squad. After the 1st week, the top 12 in points will be added to the A squad so as to have a visual aid toward who does NOT have to race their way into the Saturday Night Showdown for the following week. Of course, drivers who fall below the top 12 in points, will be removed from the A list and resubmitted to the B list. As for the rest of us who remain in the B squad, we will be reliant on our Best 1 of 4 race results in the Draft Happy Quads - Events. To reiterate on what has already been explained. Both the Quads AND the SNS (Saturday NIght Showdown) will be dictated by the NASCAR points system. (Shown below is Our points system as well as schedule)

------ Start times, points awarded, and schedule below: Season Points starting: THURSDAY, MAY 6th. @ 10PM EST

Thursday and Friday Quads

Race 1

Practice 10pm
Race 11pm

Race 2

Practice approx. 12 am
Race 1am

Saturday Showdown

Practice 10pm
Race 11pm

Saturday Showdown Schedule
Week 1 Daytona COT
Week 2 Talladega Imp B
Week 3 Daytona Trucks
Week 4 Talladega COT
Week 5 Daytona Imp B
Week 6 Talladega Trucks
Week 7 Daytona COT
Week 8 Talladega COT
Chase Begins
Week 9 Daytona Trucks
Week 10 Talladega COT
Week 11 Daytona ImpB
Week 12 Talladega Trucks
Week 13 Daytona COT

Points awarded by finish
Finish Points
1st 185
2nd 170
3rd 165
4th 160
5th 155
6th 150
7th 146
8th 142
9th 138
10th 134
11th 130
12th 127
13th 124
14th 121
15th 118
16th 115
17th 112
18th 109
19th 106
20th 103
21st 100
22nd 97
23rd 94
24th 91
25th 88
26th 85
27th 82
28th 79
29th 76
30th 73
31st 70
32nd 67
33rd 64
34th 61
35th 58
36th 55
37th 52
38th 49
39th 46
40th 43
41st 40
42nd 37
43rd 34-------------------

Have you said "Very cool! I love this idea" in one way or another? Maybe aloud or silently? Well if so, please do your best to support The Draft Happy Squad- by your regular event participation! We have put hard work, a lot of time and thinking, as well as many $3 bills to make this possible. (See: Saving Green- if you would like to make any sort of donation to the Event hosting) To all of you who en-devour to make this unique iRacing experience a success, Thank you in advance Smile

PS) Along with the A and B squad, a 3rd will be added! The *AS* (All Star) Squad. Who will make up this *AS*? Every week the winner/new winner of the SNS will be added to the *AS* Squad, to compete in an All Star Race at seasons end with a unique Car/track combination. It will be loads of fun, so be sure you are there!

Jason L. Wright

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