Quad points for week 1

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Quad points for week 1 Empty Quad points for week 1

Post  Jason Yott on Sat May 01, 2010 3:32 pm

Here are the qualifying points for week 1. As you can see, we only have 20 drivers qualified at this point, so we will probably allow the race to be open to all draft happy members that show up for the race.

Driver Best points
Adrian Duncan 195
Jason Wright 195
Cliff Cox 190
Jack Honeycutt 190
Anthony Gaudio 175
David Harris 175
Thomas Jowers Jr 175
Jason Yott 170
Derek Mays 170
Brandon Holder 165
Steve Hansen 160
Rodney Kramer 160
Samuel McCosh 155
Randy Johnson 155
David White 146
Josh Hall 146
Monty Noyes 142
Chris Jeromin 138
Eric Vanek 127
David Fish 121

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